Eugène and Mariette Bouthillier founded Bouty, a small company that specializes in upholstering residential furniture.


Twenty years later, Bouty is offering design service and manufacturing quality office chairs. Its success lies in a constant desire to innovate and improve its products.


The daughters of Eugène and Mariette, Josée and Sylvie Bouthillier join the family business and gradually take charge. They introduce a friendly and personalized customer service which enabled the company to experience strong growth.


By being attentive to the demands and concerns of ergonomists and other planning and supply professionals, Josée, Sylvie and Eugène create the company's signature chair ''Quatra" that will become Quebec's reference in ergonomic chair.


When analysing Bouty's strategic plan, Josée and Sylvie have decided to transferring ownership, allowing the company to better be prepared to face future challenges and to ensuring its sustainability. After a fruitful career in management in manufacturing industries, Éric Morin acquires Bouty with the vision to become an establishment for the quality of its products, its service, as well as its ability to respond to all needs of its customers across North America.


Today, Bouty is recognize as a leader in the ergonomic office chair industry, Bouty is broadening its horizons to allowing consumers to extend the ergonomic comfort, often found in business, at home.